Open yourself up, experience nature and become stronger together

Action-oriented outdoor programs act both as a mirror and as a projection surface, where the participants can experience themselves and their colleagues in a non-everyday environment. The focus is on concrete action. This makes the training content tangible and clearer for the participants.

Doing something in the great outdoors provides a stimulating and challenging framework for complex content:

  • to outgrow yourself
  • doing things that are not commonplace
  • take courage, trust yourself more
  • reduce fear and believe in yourself
  • experience and accept limits
  • have the strength to say no sometimes
  • learn to understand yourself and your surroundings better
Security & trust

Security & trust

The outdoor team training challenges the participants on different levels. By experiencing and coping with tasks together, the participants experience an exchange and gain security and trust in dealing with each other.

Mastering duties

Source experience

They effectively review and develop their attitudes towards upcoming business challenges and the associated positioning for individuals. Team building serves as a "source experience" that creates inner support.

Team spirit

Team spirit

It is the spiritual source from which a team draws. The goal of team building is to win or regain team spirit.

Focus: building trust, motivation, collaboration, fun
Target group: existing work groups or newly created groups, teams or departments that lack internal identification

Team building

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