Create lasting memories


Outdoor in the nature, the best playground human beings have. Regardless where we’re in motion – in water, on snow, at airy heights or on hard ground – with us you’re always in the right place.

Joint experiences out in nature will move you, reconnect you and create powerful memories whose effects are abiding. Experiences that are graspable, that have deep and lasting impact, that stir the enthusiasm of all participants and emanate an aura of pure pleasure.


From company outings to fun programs for your kick-off event all the way to teamwork training: the fun that people have being together, working together, is our motor. After all, a good laugh can be a deeper motivation than a good lecture.


For agencies

We would be happy to create your tailor-made outdoor experience for you.

For companies

We would be happy to advise you and work with you to design company outings that create lasting memories.